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Training of cutting horses (250 euro/ month) and also a training for non pro riders. We also offer an arrangement and consulting for selling horses.


We regularly compete on shows in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Czech republic and other countries.

Horse back riding

Take a chance and reconnect with nature in this beautiful surroundings from a horse back. First time riders have to attend a class in a riding hall first. More info:


Chance to stay at the ranch in a new small house with a capacity up to 8 people. More info:

Riding courses

Riding courses for beginners or advanced riders with an experienced instructor all year long. More info:


We have 22 stalls (200 euro/month), pastures (12 hectars).

About us

We are a cutting horse training facility centered in north Slovakia. We are focusing on training, breeding, showing and selling horses. Our facility is equipped with a covered riding arena 25x40 m (finished in 2010), 22 stalls, paddocks, outside pastures with shelters and others. We are still working on building up our place.


is a western-style equestrian competition in which a horse and rider work as a team before a judge or panel of judges to demonstrate the horse's athleticism and ability to handle cattle during a ​2 1⁄2 minute performance, called a "run".

Once the selected cow has been driven clear of the herd, the contestant commits the horse by dropping the rein hand to feed slack and give the horse its head. At that point, it is almost entirely up to the horse except for allowable leg cues from the rider to prevent the cow from returning to the herd; a job the best horses do with relish, savvy, and style.

Cutting is a sport born of necessity and dates back to a time when ranchers in the American West hired cowboys to work and sort through herds of cattle out on the open range, separating those in need of branding or doctoring. From the open range to the indoor arena, cutting has grown into a widely recognized sport with sanctioned events, some of which offer added monies and awards comprising million dollar purses.

National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) which was established in 1946 has today about 17 500 members (all people with different paths and job).

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We offer accomodation directly at the ranch in a separate little house right next to the riding arena. The house is situated in a beautiful nature among some hills and woods. Guests are welcome to take some riding lessons as well.
Near by can be found several tourists spots sucha s Orava castle, Orava dam, geo termal park Oravice, Geopark Glinka, hiking trails or hiking hills Babia hora and Pilsko, several ski resorts. Contact us on our Na Okraji page.

Bedroom 1

2x king bed

Bedroom 2

1 king bed,
1 sofa bed

Bedroom 3

1 single bed

Milan Klimčík

Mobil: 0905 228 824
(Owner, breeder and rider)

Anton Kondela

Mobil: 0917 231 426

Klaudia Jagnešáková

Mobil: 0908 625 961
(Riding school)